I use the remote control only when I have no possibility of being at home behind the transceiver, because it's less comfortable to listen correctly and also because there is a latent period of a few seconds due to the voice which passes by the internet connection.

First step : Connect the home computer with radio

I use a simple USB sound card like this model on the left picture

The use of an external sound card allows to leave free the internal sound card of the computer for another use

I built a small interface equipped with phone transformers 600/600 ohms but it is not essential and does not affect the audio quality

You just need to build an adapter to connect the USB sound card and the microphone connector of the transceiver : Audio output of the USB sound card towards the entrance microphone of the transceiver and audio entrance of the USB sound card to audio output of the transceiver

Like this :

Second step : Software

On home computer you need an internet connection (of course...)

On this computer (server) install a software like "TeamViewer" or "LogMeIn" to have the control remotely,  "HRD" or similar to control the transceiver via the computer and "Skype" (or similar) like the source of audio

On remote station (laptop computer and now also available on many smartphones), install at less TeamViewer (or LogMeIn) and Skype

If the remote station is a computer, also install HRD or similar ; it's much easy to control the transceiver and to see the radio reports

Third step : Make some test with skype and the engaged "vox" on the transceiver, adjust differents levels if needed

On the server computer you don't need the screen switch on

There is many tutorials on internet to setup HRD for remote control, it's not complicated but long to explain here

Finaly : enjoy

Options :  Remotely control the rotator & shutdown the transceiver and server

To switch-on/off my transceiver I use a relay board that I control from the server computer with a little home made program, there is complete solutions you can buy for it

To control my rotator I built a dedicated interface for my controller which starts automatically in the launch of the rotator software and switch-off 3s after the software is closed (arduino interface, see here) Video soon. There also, there are quite made commercial solutions

It's also possible to remotely wake the computer, see "Wake On Lan" solutions on internet for setup

Home made rotator interface

It was my purpose to completely control my radio shack over the internet, not yet perfect but today it's reached and this even with my smartphone which takes much less place than a laptop computer

PS: sorry for my bad English if there are some errors